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Set of 4 La Chamba Pottery Covered Soup Bowl

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Meet our La Chamba collection. Known throughout Colombia for use in preparing and serving traditional dishes, these sleek pieces are one of a kind. Handmade using local area clays then burnished with a stone, this cookware has a distinctive black color and elegant look.

  • You can cook with oil in the oven AND on top of the stove.
  • If the stove has an electric ring it it is better to use a heat diffuser. If you don’t use a diffuser, the finish around the base may revert to the color of terracotta over time; but this does not in any way prejudice product reliability.
  • On a gas stove, a diffuser is not necessary.
  • The one thing that must be avoided with these products is thermal shock... do not take the hot product out of the oven and put it on a cold surface or run under cool water.
  • Download our La Chamba Fact Sheet here!


The description says 24 ounces, is that for each pot or is the 24 oz spread between the 4 pots?

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Each pot holds 24 ounces.

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Perfect, impossible to find anywhere else!


Beautiful! THANK YOU. These little guys are more then charming. I shall admit: I was hesitant to order, as there are not many reviews of this business and/or website- but little did I know! My order arrived in two days, packed meticulously, and all 4 soup bowls in perfect condition. Professional service, bowls are exactly as pictured, what else is there to say. I wish I could upload my photos to support the review.



I received these as a gift from my sister. I cannot wait to use them! It’s starting to get cold, or a little cooler and soups, stews, warm comfort food is all I am thinking of! The dishes were wrapped perfectly! I’m looking at other pieces to purchase! I love my sister!