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set of 2 metal and wood shelves

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Mid-Century inspired, this set of 2 wall shelves takes a minimalist approach to our "Best Selling" wall cubbies. The modern design combined with industrial material results in an understated aesthetic. large 10" x 34" x 10"t
small 6½" x 29½" x 6½"t one of each size

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

Flimsy, overpriced, so disappointing


I received this set of shelves after much anticipation and a couple months wait only to find that they were put together so poorly with loose screws that won't tighten. They are welded to the wood only at certain points that make me question how sturdy they will be. There are also no installation pieces to mount on the wall, which is fine, but that should be very clear in the description. Also missing from the description is the amount of weight they can hold. I worry about putting much of anything on them, which makes them barely functional. The shelves are made in China, which surprised me. For the quality, they are greatly overpriced. I'm only giving the shelves a second star because they are attractive, but I don't know how functional they'll be given their poor assembly. Major disappointment.



I was very disappointed with these items - despite no apparent damage to the packaging both units arrived with the metal section pulled free of the wood shelf - the screws ripped out of the the very dry low quality particle board. The finish was spotty and uneven. The small screws supplied for mounting to a wall are too short to get through drywall into a stud - and no anchors were supplied, so they were completely useless. In short, this item would be overpriced at half the price. never again.

Wood & Metal wall shelves


This is my pre-review. The shelves are darling, I see two negative reviews. I looked at other items on your site and see that not many people even post a review. I hope those two did send their items back to you. I am going to order the shelves, open them very carefully and if they are of sub-par quality, you will see them back again. I've never gotten anything shoddy from you in the past, fingers are crossed.

Wood and metal wall shelves


No excuse for me, but I usually don't write reviews. This one begged for a review. I was skeptical about purchasing these shelves due to the two bad reviews but they were definitely the look I was going for at a great price. I took the chance and was not disappointed. Maybe they have changed the design a little. The wood and metal are securely attached with screws. Nothing was glued. Nothing was warped. The wood part of the shelf has a nice reclaimed look. Pleased with my decision.

wood and metal shelves


I find the shelves are just what I needed. They are rustic... they are supposed have that 'warehouse/industrial" look. That is what you are paying for. There are metal brackets on the inside, top corner of each shelf for hanging. You need to provide your own screw.
<br>I plan on ordering another set. G. King

Worth it!


I've had my eye on these shelves for maybe 2 years and, like other reviewers, was wary of purchasing them due to the negative reviews. I'm glad I checked back on them this Christmas and saw the positive reviews. My husband loves them, and they look great!