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Hand blown by artisans in Colombia, each piece of this recycled glass stemware will hold 11 oz of your favorite wine. The thick glass and amber accents around the rim and on the stem evoke the artisanal spirit with which it was made. Even the occasional bubble trapped inside the glass makes each one special.

Set of 6, holds 11 oz, dishwasher safe

Average is 8.5" tall

made in Colombia

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6 reviews


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I ordered this for my husband as a Christmas gift and had it wrapped as soon as I received it as to not spoil the surprise. To my dismay, upon opening the first glass he pulled out had a sharp burr on the inside that will most definitely cut whoever washes it. As we pulled the rest out we noticed one very tall glass and one very short glass in comparison to the other 4. I knew when ordering these that they are made from recycled glass and that there would be some differences, but this is ridiculous. I came to find out that there is only a 3 day window after receiving to file for damaged goods so I guess I'm stuck with a very expensive mistake. I also asked my sister-in-law to purchase a metal wine shelf from this site to hang them on. It, too, was a disappointment with the finish looking like a child had taken sand paper and had their way with it. For the price, I expected much better and I will not shop here again for this reason. Very disappointed. :(

Rustic wine glasses


I have purchased twice because I loved the first 6 so much! They are rustic and each has slight differences, which I love, but they are still a set. They are the perfect substantial weight. I get compliments every time. My second shipment had two broken glasses and the customer service was excellent! I have many wine glasses and these have become everyone's favorite!

Love mine!


I received these glasses as a Christmas gift this past Christmas. I had been eyeing them for some time. When opening them a few days after getting them I found them all broken. They had been boxed well enough but we have had trouble with our delivery services regularly in our area. Evidently they have updated their return policy and were so very helpful and kind. They resent me the glasses and I got them in perfect order. I am very happy with the glasses and the experience.

Love mine


I received as a gift. I loved them so much. even though they had been damaged in shipment customer service was amazing and sent me replacements that arrived just fine!



So I bought two sets of these and unfortunate to say a few of them arrived cracked. But there was more than enough because again I had two sets. Unfortunately these break much easier than regular wine glasses and likely due to the imperfections that are innate to each piece. I do love them. Beautiful and unique.

great glasses


I disagree with the other review. I love these wine glasses. I ordered a set a few years ago and am about to order another. I love the rustic quality of these glasses, and they hold up much better than other glasses I have bought in the past. My husband is incredibly clumsy and typically breaks glasses. These last several more years than your typical wine glasses. When I ordered the first set--one did arrive broken and another one chipped during shipping, but they replaced both immediately without question.