Inspired by antique shadow boxes, this three-dimensional art piece makes a lovely accent to any gallery wall or book shelf. 20" x 6½"t

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Beautifully rustic but quite fragile

This is to me a beautiful and unique decorative piece showing the stages of flight of a bird as if captured with stop-action photography. Some of the wings are 3D, made of reinforced paper. The wood is distressed and looks good on a shelf or the wall. The problem I had (and why no 5 stars) is that twice, the item arrived broken. It was well-wrapped but a long splinter of wood was hanging down from inside the frame, touching one of the wings...same break each time, and too obvious to overlook. Customer service was very accommodating and the 3rd time was a charm. I am glad I didn't give up on it, since I think it is special, and reasonably priced as well.

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