Multi-Hole Glass Vase

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Get excited about flowers again! Create unique arrangements with our six hole glass vase. Crafted by Colombian artisans, this unique vessel will be lots of fun for the whole family.

7"d x 14.5"t

What is the diameter of the holes? I am concerned because 2 reviewers said they were too small.

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The holes are about a 1/4 inch in diameter.

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4 reviews

Multi hole vase


I love this vase. Cannot tell you how many of my lady friends see it, love it, and want to know where I got it. I keep flowers in my home all the time and this is a beautiful way to display them.

Limited size


I love the way this vase looks. However, I have found only one type of flower to fit into the holes. The holes are too small for the stems on flowers.

Great idea bad execution


Got this as a gift. Goofiest thing. The vase is too tall to accommodate the upper holes of tulips to reach the water. The holes are very small. Think sunflowers option. Good idea but bad execution. I think it looks bad to strip the tulips of their leaves.

Not worth it


I love the look of this vase but..I don’t like the use of it. It’s too tall…the holes are too small..the main opening at the top is too’s really not as cool as it looks in the pic