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Rustic Wall Decor

198 Products

There's quiet beauty in the simplicity of rustic design. Seek out that special piece that anchors a space with its unassuming quirkiness. Let your eye find a place on a wall that calls out for such modest treasures as At West End's set of wooden house wall shelves of all sizes, beautiful prints, and wall décor that is perfect for a simple get together or wedding. Practical, cool, and chic, our wall decor is so unique. For example, our chic circular wall shelf is made from faux bamboo and metal. With three shelves, it's perfect to display your favorite houseplants, foraged finds, and knickknacks. This piece will look lovely next to an At West End painting, print, or canvas of any size. With our great quality wall décor, you will be able to deck your walls with eclectic accents that will reflect your personality. To brighten a room and give the illusion of space, hang our circular iron and wooden mirror with a shelf to catch the light. Function meets beauty with piece! A beautiful metal framed mirror combined with a sturdy floating shelf is the perfect piece for your bathroom. Industrial and sleek, this functional piece is a great addition to any home. Here’s a great idea, use the small simple shelf for soaps, towels, or any other bathroom essentials. For color and character, choose from our collection of funky and unique prints and paintings, wall art, or wall hangings. Our set of two framed flower prints are the perfect prints for your home if you want to add color. These prints will complete your eclectic gallery wall or add a refined touch to the living room. If you're seeking a more practical, functional addition to your indoor decor, try our floating wood shelfs or high-quality mounted wall racks which are perfect for extra storage in any room. Did we mention? We have wall décor of all sizes. This is perfect for any home project! Create a one-of-a-kind space you love with any of our prints. Our prints feature wood/wooden frames, or metal frames. For a minimalist style room, consider a striking piece black and white wall décor. This is a simple way to add depth to a room. Elevate any space with our collection of unique wall decor from At West End. For a larger space, a gallery wall project is best. We offer a curated assortment of wall décor for the living room, bedroom, and entryway. Our wall décor pieces are simple, yet dramatic and will suit almost any space.