Light fixtures do so much for the home but often take so little of the credit. With these rustic hanging pendant fixtures, you will soon notice the difference in how a deliberately selected lighting fixture can totally change the look, style, and feel of a room, rustic or not. Our Metal Warehouse pendant light with glass from At West End beautifully illustrates the throwback appeal of our rustic pendant fixture collection. Your guests can’t walk into your room without a comment, without noticing the warm, inviting glow in a ceiling-hung lighting fixture design that’s as romantic as it is functional. At West End has a wide selection of the best rustic ceiling pendants, mini pendants, bronze pendants, single pendants that are crafted for an inviting ambiance! Let your pendant light fixture portray a soft ambiance and aged appeal by pairing it with an Edison bulb. Let your rustic style light pendants, chandeliers, and lamps encompass the feeling of a simpler time. Rustic pendant lighting helps to expand on your home's existing décor. Pendant light fixtures work well above a table, countertop, or over other working surfaces. Pendant lighting fixtures are also perfect for a vacation cabin, under a canopy outdoors, or to the left of your bedroom over a bedside table. At West End offers a wide selection of rustic lighting including ceiling style lights, pendant lights, and chandelier lights.