Rustic Lighting

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Looking for a rich and warm light pendant or chandelier to add to your rustic style home? At West End has a wide selection of the best rustic ceiling lamps, ceiling pendants, ceiling chandeliers, rustic style wall lights, and other handcrafted lighting fixtures! The soft ambiance and aged appeal are sure to add just what you are missing to your farmhouse or rustic-styled home. Rustic style light pendants, chandeliers, and lamps encompass the feeling of a simpler time. They are our favorite way to utilize rustic wood materials and clear glass shade styles to appear as if they might be an antique or belong in a country style farmhouse. Let there not only be light but intrigue. Not just radiation, but wide radiance. Expect more from your living spaces with rugged or industrial-themed tabletop lighting lamps, electrified or set aglow. When you theme your home with rustic home decor, you can't forget about adding rustic light chandeliers or pendants and ceiling fans in your dining room, kitchen, and living room to complete the look. For example, illuminate your space with an unexpected lighting focal piece, our wire sphere wall sconce. With a working pulley system and rustic finished metal, this wall sconce comes alive with industrial style. Don't forget to consider rustic ceiling fans, too! Now, do you have a rustic styled dining room. Dining rooms are not complete without a rustic ceiling chandelier over the dining table. In a rustic style living room, be sure to utilize wide rustic ceiling lights, flush mount lights, and table lamps, maybe even add a mirror for extra dimension. In a minimalist setting, you might consider a farmhouse pendant light as your lighting fixture. At West End's oversized industrial lamp will provide the perfect statement piece hanging over a dining or breakfast table. If you are going for a more decorative appeal, you cannot go wrong with our pendant lamp that features a layered shade and hanging gems. It is an At West End favorite. Industrial meets romantic with this metal pendant lamp. Let the crystals soften the light in any room. Are you needing an outdoor chandelier or pendant? Look no further than our antique turquoise pendant light with glass and wire cage. This lighting has the perfect combination of a married industrial and French cottage style. The antique turquoise paint feminizes the masculine metal and caging. This is a must-have kitchen bar light or outdoor pendant! Or our Rustic Cage Outdoor Pendant will add to your charming patio aesthetic. Faux wood finish decorates the metal body of the fixture to lend an outdoorsy feel to the design. Hang in a gazebo or porch area that will appreciate the style of this outdoor light. Not only does our rustic lighting category feature pendants, chandeliers, lamps, feiss', table lamps, or ceiling lights, but also lanterns and candle holders. Crafted from twig and complete with glass inserts, our favorite set of three twig lanterns will add an elegant, magical style glow to your outdoor evenings. At West End offers a wide selection of rustic lighting including ceiling style lights, pendant lights, and chandelier lights.