May a touch of the rustic past help make your house a home. The straight lines and hard flat surfaces of an At West End stool bespeak its strength, purity, purpose, and woodsy beauty. If honesty could take the form of a seat, it would be on display here. Sit down and settle in with rustic bar stools, chairs, and benches. At West End has a variety of rustic seating from different sizes, frames, and materials. Impress your guests with our solid, timeless rustic bistro chair. Enjoy a casual cocktail or cup of coffee while lounging outdoors, or simply use it as a decorative piece by placing a planter or pillow in the seat. Either way you choose, it will make a beautiful rustic statement. This seat is perfect outdoors. For a less traditional rustic feel, add our velvet-covered stool with no back for a hint of posh in your home. This stool comes in four sleek colors and features an adjustable frame. Transform any tall table or counter into an entertaining area with a gorgeous set of velvet bar stools from At West End. These trendy, yet rustic stools add function and style to your home. If you are wanting a more sturdy, rustic style for your kids' room then you cannot go wrong with our rustic pressed tin stool. With a rustic metal finish and gorgeous details, our pressed tin stool is an amazing addition to any room, especially a kids' room, lacking extra seating or as a small side table. For an unexpected approach to seating in the dining room, pair your table with a set of At West End reclaimed dining chairs crafted in Colombia. Keeping history alive, these chairs are constructed out of reclaimed timbers from old buildings being demolished for urbanization in Colombia. Small scars and cracks may be evidence of years gone by. The solid wood frame dining chair has a rustic hand-forged iron inset with a stretched leather back seat. For a little extra oomph, mix and match our rustic bar stools and stools for an eclectic take, or opt for seating of the same style to keep it uniform.