Whether writing up a grocery or to do list for home, displaying restaurant specials, or letting kids utilize it to play endless games of tic-tac-toe, the possibilities are truly endless with this product!

21" x 3.5"

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Pretty nice

Enamored of both the large and medium size hanging paper rolls, I decided to get the medium first.

My review is to give others information not easily seen on the website.

Firstly, the hanger (back plate), hooks and clips are all a subtle bronze which is quietly attractive. No screws or nails are included. The paper is somewhat shiny butcher paper. (Perhaps an addendum will be added when I actually try different media on it, or wrap something up.)

The item is made in India; my experience with their metallurgy is that it is less than US standards, but this exceeds my experience, so I feel satisfied, and glad to have purchased it, and yes, excited to have fun
with it and see how it works. (Oh, you have to cut the paper off as best you can manage a straight line with scissors.)

My only disappointment was that the paper was not from recycled
paper. Since many AWE products are not only artisanal, but repurposed, reused, et cetera, this was a surprise. I will compensate by buying a recycled paper replacement roll, though this makes me a little sad, as I'd rather give a good company the business and trust.

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