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chain garland with twelve clips

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Display your cherished memories in rustic style with this painted metal chain clip. This useful chain has twelve clips which makes it great for showing off polaroids, cards, or sketches.

56" long

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3 reviews

Doesn't work


I just went to hang a Christmas card on my new chain garland and realized that none of the clips open. They're all painted (?) shut. Hope I can find my receipt!

great option for square photos


We have a number of these hanging around our house and regularly switch out the square photos (Instagram prints by Artifact Uprising). I love the rustic style. They do cause some indents on the photos since the clips are pretty tight, but I prefer that over the photos falling because the clips are too loose...



I bought this for Christmas card, actually my Grandma bought it for me, but I used it this year and it was adorable. Our house is rustic and farmhouse decor and it matched wonderfully. My only complaint was that I only had one and couldn't find another one. I hung two cards from each clip because I had so many. Highly recommend for hanging cards, notes, or photos. A little overpriced for what they are, but I'll still be buying another!
<br>Reading another review it brought up that some hooks were painted. This was true of mine too but I just squeezed them open and they were just fine :)