Let this stand "lend a hand" in a matter of speaking with holding your smart phone while you go about your daily to do list. Made of cast iron, this piece is sturdy but also maintains a stylish vibe.

6" x 2" x 3.5"t

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I was ALWAYS misplacing my cell phone at home, and finding it later on, in the couch cushions or being used as a cat toy... I searched high and low for a way to organize my cell, after I get home. Nothing seemed to work... a spot by the door, a space on bedside table, a space on livingroom sidetable... I continued to lose my cell phone. I bought this Cast Iron Hand phone stand from At West End and everything changed. This stand is VERY solid, substantial (do not drop it on your foot!). I placed this stand on my living-room end table, placed the cell in it, upside down, and plugged cell into charger. Since soing so, I have yet to lose my cell (This is nothing short of a MIRACLE!). The phone stand is BEAUTIFUL, looks lovely, and as I said is HEAVY stand and a convenient way to secure one’s expensive cell phone. At first I wasn’t sure aboput spending so much on a phone stand, but it is definitely worth it, for me. I can see having one in the livingroom and one in the bedroom.
My iphone 6S with Otterbox case fits easily into this very cool looking phone stand.

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