This clever little cast iron dachshund will conveniently hold your rolls of toilet paper or paper towels, as well as your rings, bracelets, or necklaces. Also check out our alligator and "best-selling" giraffe paper towel holders! 6½" x 12"t

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Buyer Beware - Crudely Made Pruduct

I just received the dachshund paper towel holder (& dog hook) and will be returning both. The dachshund paper towel holder in the picture must be oiled up because it is nice and shiny. The one I received is not shiny, is dull and doesn't look anything like the finish of the one in the picture. I suspect they tried to take a picture of one before they oiled it but they couldn't get any good pictures of it so they figured they had to do something to it so make it look better in the pictures. Firstly, mine doesn't sit flat on the counter. Secondly, if you are truly going to use this for paper towels, the roll does not sit flat on the dog's back because the dog's back is not flat (at least mine isn't). Finally, the tail is about 1 inch too short so you can't see the tail sticking out the top of the paper towel roll (if that is important to you).. I didn't necessarily buy this for my friend to use as a paper towel holder but I thought maybe she could put it in one of her guest bathrooms with a couple of rolls of toilet paper on it. But alas, they too don't sit flat. Honestly I don't know what you could use this for other than maybe a door stop - it is pretty heavy. Because the overall look of the dachshund hardly resembles a dachshund - the head and ears are deformed, all 4 paws are different sizes - this gift is going back. It is just too crudely made. No point wasting money. Buyer beware - while the description says "rustic" these items could still be made with integrity. They are pure junk and not worth the money! The one positive thing I can say about the item is, the tail is very straight. Sorry At West End.

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