Treasures From Haiti

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Jessie Gehrett
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May 19, 2022 1:54:49 PM PDT May 19, 2022 1:54:49 PM PDTth, May 19, 2022 1:54:49 PM PDT

A collection born of love and purpose, our Haitian-made pieces are carefully crafted and hand-picked just for you. This ethical collection includes wall decor, planters, and tabletop pieces made from recycled scraps and locally sourced natural fibers, including rush and seagrass.


Similar to the design process with our Honduran partners, the journey of our handcrafted collection of Haitian products begins right here at At West End in Jackson, MS. Our Product Development team spends months planning, researching, and designing. Once our designs have reached our skilled partners in Haiti, they create quality pieces using traditional techniques and sustainable materials.


Our handwoven planters and baskets are crafted with hand-picked rush and seagrass. This natural, durable grass grows at the foot of Lake Thomazeau and at the ocean waterfront. Both the rush and seagrass are harvested while still vibrant and green then set to dry under the sun. Once dry, individual fibers are immersed in water resulting in more flexibility during the weaving process. 

At West End's artisan-made sculptures and decorative wall hangings are sustainably crafted from recycled scrap wood or metal and then hand-painted or hammered to create unique, colorful art for your home. 

These curated products showcase Haiti's rich and inviting culture through an exquisite collection of artisan-crafted pieces for everyday living. This process is a labor of love and a story of the perfect imperfections of the human hand.

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