Treasures From Guatemala

Welcoming a collection full of handmade, unique pieces packed with character & charm!

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Jessie Gehrett
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March 28, 2022 1:43:39 PM PDT March 28, 2022 1:43:39 PM PDTth, March 28, 2022 1:43:39 PM PDT

Introducing our Guatemala Collection! This collection of handmade terracotta pieces features a natural finish and is delicately hand-crafted just for you!

These beautiful terracotta pieces are handmade from riverbed clay from a river in the country of Guatemala. Archeological records show that ceramics have been produced in this same river valley for over two thousand years! How cool is that? 

Each piece is hand-sculpted, dried in the sun, and then fired. During the sculpting process, Guatemalan artisans add various details to the clay using different objects, tools, or even their fingers. Before the firing process, several pieces are painted with a red clay slip and then burnished. Burnishing is a pottery treatment in which the surface of the pot is polished before firing. After firing, the surface is extremely shiny. Following the burnishing process, some items get a separate colored slip applied to create different style details.

The products that skip the burnishing process result in a more texture appearance. 

The firing process involves placing these unique works of art on a grate above a pine bark fire. Next, the pottery is covered with grass for 2-3 hours to bake to perfection! The occasional black spot can sometimes be found on these items due to this ancient firing process. Don't worry though, this sporadic imperfection is a natural part of this process and adds to the uniqueness of every handmade Guatemalan piece. 

From the feathers of a chicken to the natural textures of a tree trunk, each piece brings its own special moment. Because of their handmade nature and special firing process, designs will vary amongst all Guatemalan products. 

We are so thrilled to bring this beautiful collection to our At West End family and would love to see these pieces in your home! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can reshare your photos with the At West End community!


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