five ways to use our set of three glass jars

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Are you in need of a versatile vessel that you can use year-round? Our set of three glass canisters are a stylish way to store all kinds of treats and trinkets. An everyday essential, the sleek metal lids make this set of three jars perfect for a busy kitchen. These canisters can be used for so many other things, as well. Here are five ways to use these versatile jars! 


No home is complete without stylish storage! Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or finally finding something to fill that awkwardly spaced shelf, storage is not only practical… it can also enhance the design of your space. We LOVE these canisters in the kitchen for obvious reasons! Keeping your favorite snacks or ingredients within easy access combines the best of style and convenience… win-win! We also think these canisters are perfect for the guest bathroom. Organize a selection of soups or rolled-up washrags to create a “make yourself at home” vibe by keeping everything in plain sight and within arm’s reach!



Any collection can become art when displayed the right way. Our set of three glass canisters are oversized and highly customizable. Cleaning out my art supplies and junk drawers awarded the perfect opportunity to give new life to items that might have ended up in the garbage bin. Old dried-up paints provide a bit of nostalgia from my art school days while puzzle pieces give the collection a pop of color and texture. The possibilities are endless, so get creative and let your selections speak to both your unique style and the experiences that brought you to your collections.


I’m always looking for a container to house the perfect dining room or entrance hall centerpiece. With three heights to choose from, you will always have options at the ready. Add a handful of your favorite fall foliage for a pop of color or use the jars as a vase and bring in fresh flowers for the table. Use all three around your house for a cohesive look!



From picnics to weddings and Christmas parties to Halloween soirees, our set of three glass canisters are sure to enhance your entertaining game.

·    Elevate your backyard bbq (pun intended 😉) by adding height to the serving line…. Don’t you hate trying to find space on the table for all of the low bowls and platters? These canisters are perfect for serving chips and other picnic food to the masses. The convenient tops will lock in freshness and keep the pests out of your party food!

·    There is always room for these canisters at a party. Whether displaying and serving food or adding to a vignette, you can’t go wrong in including them in your event setup. I love collecting natural objects (pine cones, shells, dried grasses… anything that will create an elegant display) to fill these jars to match any unique party theme.

·    Holiday parties… the possibilities are endless! Candy, baked goods, vintage ornaments… oh, my! Let your imagination guide the way to maximizing the potential of these decorative and practical pieces.



The perfect way to bring the changing seasons and holidays to life is by subtly swapping out your décor staples. Simple changes from citrus to apples or fresh flowers to dried stems will enhance the shift from one season to the next. We love emptying out our jars and filling them with vintage ornaments, twinkle lights, faux mistletoe, etc for all of the festive feels.


Oh, and we have the PERFECT fillers! Here are a few of our favorites!

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Wow, I think I might need another set, lol! Regardless of what you store or display, this versatile set will become uniquely yours. Celebrate your unique style by tagging us… @atwestend