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Ocean-Side Savvy: How To Achieve A Coastal Grandmother-Inspired Abode

Have you heard about the new trend that's making waves in home decor? ⁠If the new season has you longing to make some decorative upgrades, why not take inspiration from one of the more prevalent styles of the moment? Chances are you’ve heard the internet buzz about the coastal grandmother aesthetic by now, a trend that comes courtesy of the popular app, TikTok. If you haven’t, picture the inspiration of this movement herself, Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give. Or any other tastefully-casual heroines from a number of Nancy Meyer’s kitschy “romcoms.”

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Coastal but make it simple

When you think of coastal décor, what do you picture? Is it anchors, seashells, aquatic animals, and blue and white everything? Well, we totally understand where you’re coming from because that is exactly what we think of too. But, did you know that most people get coastal and nautical style confused? While there are still very similar elements between the two, coastal style décor reflects breezy, beach-like feels. It embodies the atmosphere of a beautiful seaside retreat by using cool colors and natural accents. On the other hand, nautical décor uses more traditional elements such as starfish, stripes, anchors, and stars. If you are searching for a relaxing style that portrays the emotions of a high-end island getaway, then coastal style décor may be for you. But you don’t have to go all out to achieve this simple seaside style. So, we’ve chosen a few products that will add coastal elements in a subtle and beautiful way.

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