How to build a teriffic terrarium

Simple products and steps to make your own secret garden

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a collection of small, decorative plants or succulents displayed in an enclosed environment.

A good alternative to indoor gardening is creating your own terrarium. A terrarium is a self-contained garden that uses fully or partially enclosed vessels made of glass and ultimately produces its own climate to grow. 

The best thing about terrariums is that they are completely customizable, and you can decorate them so that it fits your aesthetic completely. Do you want recycled metal frogs to rule your terrarium? No problem. Maybe you want a more traditional terrarium where greenery is the star of the show! But wait... do you suffer from having a not so "green thumb?" No worries... Faux succulents are a great replacement to breathe new life into any space. Here’s how you can build a simple, yet beautiful terrarium to bring life to your home.

You can create a simple, eye-catching terrarium with minimal, inexpensive materials. All you will need is a glass container, small jar, or actual terrarium. To fill this vessel you will also need some kind of base; moss, pebbles, rocks, or sand. Next, you'll need greenery. We are using our set of eight small succulents with round cement pots. 

What you will need:

  • a terrarium or glass container with no drainage holes (with or without a top)
  • moss, pebbles, rocks, or sand 
  • succulents or small potted plants (we are using faux succulents)
  • dirt or soil (only if using real plants)
  • decorative elements (optional) 
  • small garden shovel and towel 


First, choose your glass container. This is my favorite step! We're using our foraged found glass cloche with a wicker base, but you can use any clear container or glass jar that has a lid to make it easy to add plants, moss, rocks, and pebbles. A few fun options from At West End include our round glass store display vessel,multi-hole glass vase, set of three glass jars with lids, or even our giant round glass cylinder


Once you have chosen your glass vessel, cover the bottom of the container with your choice of moss, sand, or dirt to add visual interest. This is your base layer. We used a light layer of green moss for a pop of color! 


Once your moss is added scatter in your pebbles or rocks. We used a few river rock pebbles scattered throughout trying not to cover all of our greenery! We recommend that you leave some moss visible. 


Lastly, group your potted plants starting at the center of your terrarium. You will probably have to move them around several times to get them just right. And the best thing is no watering is required! If you'd like, now is the time to decorate the inside of the terrarium with small sculptures, shells, decorative stones, or other whimsical accents spaced on the floor of your terrarium.

The goal for a finished terrarium is to create your very own, magical space that makes you almost want to live inside your "garden under glass." Because terrariums are so customizable, no two are the same. There are endless possibilities for what can live inside your glass oasis. At West End has so many whimsical, garden-inspired options for your terrarium! Shop our garden collection for quirky terrarium accents! 

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