Handmade in Honduras

From the factory floor to your home shelves, see where our most cherished handmade products come to life.

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Jessie Gehrett
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April 18, 2022 3:30:07 PM PDT April 18, 2022 3:30:07 PM PDTth, April 18, 2022 3:30:07 PM PDT

Our artisan partners never fail to amaze us with the innovative works of art that they create. This is especially true of the artisans at Atuto in Honduras, who create beautiful handmade items out of natural and recycled materials.


In Sabanagrande, Honduran artisans develop beautifully handcrafted pottery, iron, and wood items that are then exported to the U.S. Because of Atuto, artisans in the community have the opportunity to sell their work to a wider audience creating a positive economic impact. Since the beginning, At West End has partnered with Atuto to bring our customers a beautiful, diverse collection of handmade products. Atuto is a well-respected fair trade operation known for the extraordinary skills of its artisans, and respect for the community.  


For our handcrafted Honduran products, the journey begins right here at At West End in Jackson, MS. Our Product Development team spends countless hours researching, brainstorming, and sketching out trendy and upcoming design ideas to send to Atuto. 

When our product development team visits Honduras, the 30-40 designs sent ahead of time are fired and waiting on finishes. Full days are spent in the factory choosing finishes, designing new products, and working with the master potters to achieve our unique At West End designs.

Director of Product Development, Beverly Hayman Adair, says that her favorite thing about traveling to Honduras is being able to work with all of the welcoming artisans. She especially enjoys working with Norma who is in charge of all finishes. "She is one of the sweetest women I have met. Although there is a bit of a language barrier, we have a really great working relationship." Beverly also says that she loves the incredible Honduran cuisine!!


Owners, Doug and Susan Williams have also gone above and beyond to give back to the small Honduran community by founding The Atuto Project. The Atuto Project is a foundation to help the children in the small community of Sabanagrande. Learn more about The Atuto Project, DSKF, and how you can help. We are so incredibly blessed to have built this long-standing relationship with Atuto. Not only have we found consistent, high-quality pottery, but we’ve also made personal connections and developed many friendships with the people of Sabanagrande, Honduras. Learn more about The Atuto Project, DSKF, and how you can help.

We are so happy to be able to continue bringing this beautiful collection to our At West End family and would love to see these pieces in your home! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can reshare your photos with the At West End community!

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