From the moment we meticulously select the materials that will bring your home visions to life, to artfully giving shape and form to our handmade, sustainable, unique pieces, each detail of this journey is part of the stories we create every day at AWE. Our mission is to help you find, in our carefully curated items, a source of constant inspiration.

Twenty years ago, a friends’ trip to Jamaica sparked the idea of what we have become today. We put our heart and soul into every single piece so that when you find yourself at our door, we will be welcoming you with more than just home décor: you will get a fresh new perspective, a fascinating, quirky, inspired way of creating your own home environment, with sophisticated textures and materials.

Each of our creations tells its own story. Our pieces are handmade by artisans from all corners of the globe. When you open an AWE package, you’re welcoming a little piece of the world into your home.

“AWE!” is what we want you to feel and experience when you decorate your home, when you give a breath of fresh air to a room or when you hold one of your unique pieces in your hands.

AWE is what we feel when we find the perfect material for you.

AWE is what we feel when we create the perfect story.

AWE is what you will feel when you welcome our unique pieces into your home.

We dream of authentic, hearty homes that reflect your truest self, and this inspires us to create unique experiences that fill your home and the homes of the people you love with joy.

Welcome to our world of inspiration, stories, and magic. Let yourself revel in awe!