Hand forged iron makes up this sturdy and functional cup holder. Ideal for showing off a collection, or save some electricity and dry all those glasses you hand-wash after after your dinner parties.

11½" x 18"t

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Glass dryer/cup iron rack

Just recently ordered and RECEIVED in one week! Looked at before and kept putting off ordering. I AM SO EXTREMELY GLAD I FINALLY ORDERED IT!!!! IT IS FANTASTIC AND I LOVE IT TO DEATH!!!

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A completely different color

by - verified purchaser
The glass dryer / cup holder just arrived and it is the size, shape and functionality one would expect, which is terrific. But the color is completely wrong. It's actually a light-medium brown with some red tinges, not the deep oil rubbed bronze type color in the picture. It's actually fairly ugly in this new color, reminiscent of something that has been sitting outside and rusted for far too long and should have been pitched. What a tremendous disappointment. I'm now trying to decide if I should paint it with some metal paint, or return it.

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